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If you are walking into a property transaction, be it selling big or buying small, it is extremely important that your transaction is completed timely and smoothly. No matter the size of the transaction, you should always ensure that it is carefully assessed before you pick up the pen and sign the contract.

At Scott Legal, we offer a complimentary service to check and review up to 3 Contracts of Sale and Vendor’s Statements to ensure that you are fully aware of what you are buying and what you are signing up for. A small fee will be payable after the 3 reviews or for a review of an Off-The-Plan contract.

On the other hand, if you are selling your property, it is fundamental that your contract is prepared proper and suited to your needs. It is also vital to ensure that your vendor’s statement (also known as the section 32 statement) contain the necessary disclosures required under the Sales of Land Act 1962. This is to ensure that your purchaser is not entitled to walk away from the transaction after signing the contract.
As we are experienced in wide spectrum of real estate transactions and we are confident that our know-how and experiences will be able to assist you throughout your important transaction and to tailor our advice to your needs.

If you have any question regarding your property transaction, please do not hesitate to contact Adrian at 03 9111 0078 or email him at

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